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Athena And The Owl

Athena And The Owl

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Source: Ancient Greece, Kingdom: The Golden Age of Athens, Mint: Athens, Date: 479-431 B.C.

Denomination: Tetradrachm, Silver 

Framed in 18K Gold Bezel



Athena is the Ancient Greek mythological goddess of strategic warfare and wisdom. She is also the patron god of the city of Athens. She was the embodiment of strength in femininity. Athena is often accompanied in her depictions by a small bird, an owl. One day as Athena was contemplating which gift she should give to the city, she came across a young girl whose owl was stuck high up in a tree. In the myth, Athena used her wits to help lure the owl out of the tree with berries. On it's flight down, the owl plucked a branch and brought it to Athena. This was her inspiration. The girl was so grateful that the owl had come down that she gave the animals and she kept it by her side always. The goddess and the owl have both come to symbolize wisdom and strategy even still today!


This is an authentic coin and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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