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Ancient Greek Coin

Ancient Greek Coin

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Source: Ancient Greece, Kingdom: Macadonia, Date: 379-348 B.C.

Mint: Olynthus, Chalcidian, Denomination: Tetradrachm, Obverse: Head of Apollo, Facing Right, Reverse: Kithara/Lyre, Frame: Handmade 14 Karat Gold Mounting

Fearful of Athens and the growing power of the Macedonian Kingdom, Olynthus and the other free cities of the Chalcidian League as a defensive coalition. The capital was placed at Olynthus on a peninsula of northern Ancient Greece, on the shores of the Aegean Sea. The name "Olynthus" originated from the Greek Olunthos, a fig that matures early, as this fruit was plentiful in the area.

The Chalcadian League was at the height of it's power in the late fifith century. BCE but soon became the center of conflict. In 393 BCE, Amyntas III of Macedonian was under attack by the Illyrians and temporarily transferred territory to Olynthus for protection. When he regained control, the League refused to return his lands and he called upon Sparta to intervene.

This coin was minted at the Olynthus during the period in which the Chalcidian League was under Spartan oversight but regaining strength . They minted their own silver coinage on the Macedonian standard, functioning as legal tender within all cities of the League. the overall design elements remained consistent but style varied substantially.


This is an authentic coin and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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